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Greece Golden Visas Programme

Greece Golden Visas Programme - Lawyers in Kefalonia

According to the 4251/2014 law introduced by the Greek government one can apply for a GOLDEN VISA provided he plans to invest in Greece a minimum amount of 250.000 Euros. The new VISA will last 5 years with the option to be renewed, and it also includes the family members of the person who makes the application.

Furthermore, the law provides the option for those who wish to set up a branch of their company in Greece to apply for a residency. Not only that but the same right is granted to the employees who will work and provide their services in Greece.

Our firm would be more than happy to assist potential investors as well as shareholders and employees of foreign countries to submit successfully all the relevant paperwork so as to acquire the GOLDEN VISAS as well as the residency.

The law which describes the above is being given here.


“Applicable Law: “Art. 20 (B) of Law 4251/2014 (New immigration Code)”

•    Obtain a five years residence permit with a right of renewal either by acquiring or long-term leasing property in Greece for the minimum of 250.000€ or through an investment in a wide range of profitable sectors of the above minimum amount.
•    Free pass to 26 Schengen countries in Europe, without any further VISA requirements.
•    The non-EU citizen who already resides in Greece or intends to buy property in Greece for at least the above mentioned amount shall be granted a Greek VISA for the purpose of “property holder” after submitting an application to the competent Greek Consulate of their permanent stay. After entering Greece, and been granted a Greek VISA, they can apply for a five years residence permit.
•    Family members of the property holder or the investor obtain a residence permit for the same period of time.
•    Up to ten third country nationals, depending on the characteristics of the investment, may enter and reside in Greece, for the implementation and operation of the investment.
•    The residence permit for general investment is granted for five years as well, thus the one for strategic investments for start-up companies under law 3894/2010 is granted for ten years.


1)  “Applicable Law: “Art. 27 and beyond of Law 3427/2005”
•    Establishment of a branch office in Greece assistant to the main associated company outside Greece, which will provide exclusively consulting and accounting services, quality control of production, services concerning the main product, preparation of studies, designs and contracts, advertising and marketing, data processing, research and development services.
•    All foreign employees of the established branch undertake employment contracts and are granted both VISA admission from the competent Greek Consulate and a five years residence permit with a right of renewal.

2)  “Applicable Law: “Art. 17 (B) of Law 4251/2014 (New immigration Code)”
•    Third country board members, shareholders, directors, legal representatives and senior executives (general directors, directors) of either a Greek company or of a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company, as well as their family members obtain a Greek VISA from the competent Greek Consulate a five years residence permit with a right of renewal for the time period of their career.  
•    All kind of employees of any company can obtain the same right as above, due to an existing bilateral agreement or after Governmental Approval upon showing of the employment contracts.

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Golden Visas Programme

Our firm would be more than happy to assist you to submit successfully all the relevant paperwork so as to acquire the GOLDEN VISAS as well as the residency.

We are here, at your Disposal.

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